One tap access to your contacts, music
and more!
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Simply drag the Today screen and tap to call, email, message, play music, get directions home and even message friends via Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

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Designed for iOS 8, Quick-Tap installs to the Today screen, which can be opened from any app by dragging from the top of the screen.

From any app, or even without unlocking your phone, you can access your contacts, music and more.


Q. What apps are supported by Quick-Tap?

A. Quick-Tap directly supports actions in the following built-in apps:

  • Phone (for making calls)
  • Messages (for SMS / iMessage)
  • Mail
  • Facetime
  • Music
  • Maps

In addition, the following apps are supported:

  • Google Maps
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatsapp

Quick-Tap also has its own built-in functionality for the following:

  • Sending your current location via SMS / iMessage

Quick-Tap now also supports direct launching of over 2000 additional apps.

The list of supported apps is being continually increased.


Q. What do I get by upgrading Quick-Tap?

A. The Quick-Tap upgrade allows an unlimited number of Quick-Tap sections and buttons to be added. The free version only allows 3 buttons to be added in a maximum of 3 sections.

In addition, the Upgrade enables use of the Advanced filters.


Q. How can I re-arrange the Quick-Tap favourites?

A. The next update to Quick-Tap will enable full drag-and-drop re-arrangment of favourites and sections.


Q. Can I change the icon for Safari links?

A. The current version of Quick-Tap only shows the Safari icon for links to web pages. The next update to Quick-Tap directly support web site logos and also custom icons.


Q. How do I change the title of a Safari link?

A. There is a known issue in Quick-Tap v1.0 which automatically changes the title when typing a URL. This will be fixed in the next update to the app, but a current workaround is to change the title after entering the URL. The title will then be stored correctly.


Q. What are the Advanced filters?

A. The Advanced filters allow Quick-Tap sections to be shown depending on your current location, the day of the week or the time of the day.

The filters are enabled per-section, so for example you could have an individual section for every day of the week with different music, and even different music depending on the time of day.


Q. Is there a limit to the number of sections or buttons I can add?

A. In the Quick-Tap upgrade, there is no limit to the number of buttons in each section or the number of sections.

However, iOS8 does have a limited amount of space in which it shows Today screen widgets, which is approximately 5 rows of icons in portrait mode.

We are updating Quick-Tap to allow more icons to be shown when many sections are being displayed.


Q. My favourites have disappeared from the Today screen – How do I get them back?

A. In some situations, when a Location filter has been enabled, the Quick-Tap Today screen will be empty if the phone is waiting to receive your current location.

The next update to Quick-Tap fixes this issue, but in the meantime the issue can be fixed by disabling the location filter, showing the Today screen, then re-enabling the location filter. This forces the location to be retrieved again.


Q. Only some of my apps are shown in the Launch Apps section. How do I add others?

A. The list of apps shown in the Launch Apps section is limited to the apps which allow being opened by other applications. If an app isn’t listed, then it indicates that the app cannot be opened, as this needs to be enabled by the app developer.