One tap access to your contacts, music
and more!
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Simply drag the Today screen and tap to call, email, message, play music, get directions home and even message friends via Skype, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

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Designed for iOS 8, Quick-Tap installs to the Today screen, which can be opened from any app by dragging from the top of the screen.

From any app, or even without unlocking your phone, you can access your contacts, music and more.


Favourites at your fingertips

Once Quick-Tap is installed to the Today screen, all of your favourites become available simply by swiping down from the top of the screen – from any application.

Favourites are added from the Quick-Tap application, and allows you to organise them into different sections – you can have a section for your contacts, a section for music and another section for other app links.


Supported Apps

Quick-Tap supports many built-in and other popular apps, and allows specific actions in those apps to be saved – i.e. calling a specific person, sending a specific Facebook friend a message.

Quick-Tap lets your do the following actions with a single tap:

• Phone, email, sms or FaceTime your contacts
• Play tracks from your music collection – even without unlocking your phone!
• Get directions home, via Apple Maps, Google Maps or Maps Pro
• Send your current location to a friend
• Chat via Skype, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger
• Browse to a specific web page
• Instantly capture photos from Instagram


Please Note : Due to limitations in iOS, it is not possible to add buttons to launch every app that is installed on your iPhone or iPad – it is only possible to launch apps which are directly supported by Quick-Tap or which support launching from other applications.

Quick-Tap is continually updated with support for even more apps.



Advanced Features

Quick-Tap features an advanced filter system, enabling favourites to be shown in certain locations, on specific days or at different times of the day.

The Location filter allows a section to be shown only if your are in a certain location. For example,  Show public transport times to get home if you are at work.

The Day filter allows a section to be shown only on certain days – Show your work contacts during the week and your friends during the weekend.

The Time filter allow a section to be shown before or after certain times – Show music for your workout in the mornings, and music for relaxing in the evenings.